Friday, August 5, 2011

More Colorful German Planes

Flashy Friday Strikes Again

It's Friday and we are heading into another well earned weekend. So let's have a little color to carry us over the home stretch. This is a mixed bag of sample of the week's profile output. I have now broken the 750 mark for aircraft profiles completed. hopefully I will hit 800 by the beginning of September. If you are looking for something in particular or do not want to wait while I toss out profiles a few at a time, the entire collection is at http:/ The gallery is in a state of flux, new aircraft and sections are being added often. Remember if you don't find what you are looking for you can always contact me. Yes I do requests.

This is a simple but pleasing paint scheme. The aircraft was flown by Ltn. Friedrich Kempf flying in Jasta 2, better known as Jasta Boelcke. The white tail section is typical for the Jasta. The wings are the standard green mauve upper pattern and pale blue underside.

This is one of two Albatros D.Va flown by Ltn. Joachim von Hippel. His other plane had a black lightening bolt with a white border. The silver forward and green aft section with red trim is a typical scheme for Jasta 5. The wings are the standard green mauve upper pattern and pale blue underside.

When researching this aircraft there are two different interpretations, one was blue and white, the other is red and white. Both versions have the black stylized trident marking which spans the two colors used on the fuselage. The wings are covered in lozenge cloth, dark on the upper surfaces and lighter on the lower surfaces.

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