Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The CD Profile Project Take One

First Look: The CD Profile Project

I have been mulling over the question of whether or not to produce a series of profile CDs. At the moment I am thinking it would be best to start with the major aircraft companies, grouping the profiles by type. I am still not sure how many profiles I can get on a disc but experiments will establish that soon enough. This is the first draft at how the profiles will appear. The layouts are subject to change. The images I have posted are at reduced color depth to keep load time online to a minimum.

Warning This is a Test!

Albatros D.XI s/n D.2208/18

I welcome your feedback on this project. You can post it as a comment, or email me. I will take all serious ideas and constructive criticism and use them to create something people want.


The Angry Lurker said...

I think they're fine and show you what you need.

Anonymous said...

Will,I Have Bob Pearson's WW1 Profile CD And He Cramed Almost 1,500 Profiles On One Disk.You Should Be Able To Do The Same I Would Think.All Countries Are In Seperate Sections.Good Idea.

W. I. Boucher said...

I have talking to Bob Pearson about this high on my agenda. The project will take some time to be ready for burning. At the moment I am still working out details and additional graphics and new revised profiles for the collection.

Alcides said...

Hello, first I've been here several times and you have an incredible site. You work really hard to get all this profiles done.
I'm an aviation enthusiast and cardmodeler. I'm willing to pay for 2 things: bigger resolution files of you profiles and of course a kind of "collection" of German type for example.
In my case I'd prefer you give the option to download your cd's. I live in Argentina and simply the shipping charges are to expensive. I prefer to give you money for your art.

W. I. Boucher said...

Thank you Luis, I will see what I can do about a download site. I understand you are wanting them for creating paper models and need a higher resolution than profiles needed as reference guides. I have been looking into doing prints eventually, when that happens the resolution will be much higher. It is a matter of time, however we shall see what can be done for your modeling community.



Anonymous said...

CDs are fine, but I hope you consider prepping and uploading your files to one of the many online print-on-demand publishers out there, like,,, etc. etc. for those, like me, who would prefer having a nice shiny hardcopy of all your lovely profiles.