Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Project Albatros Part 6

Classic Black

While working on the Albatros project I found several aircraft serving in Jasta 37 during 1917. All of them are black with white markings. The top wing is covered in a dark lozenge pattern and the underside of the wings was covered in a lighter lozenge pattern. I had not done any all black aircraft before them, and it is more difficult than it seems.

Ernst Udet served in many Jastas during his career. Note the chevron design near the nose and an early version of LO (For his childhood sweetheart, Eleanor "Lo" Zink.) on the mid fuselage, identifying it as his plane. Udet flew this aircraft from February - March 1918.

The tilted pentagram is worth note as is the absence of any marking on the forward fuselage. Even though it is not numbered several sources refer to it as "White One"

This is another aircraft bearing another variant of the shooting star or comet insignia. The forward fuselage bears a white 7 as it's unit identifier.

The white swastika is an ancient good luck symbol used by both sides during WWI. Once again there is an identification number on the forward hull.

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