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Germany - 1918 Jasta 26 Fokker Dr.I

Fokker Triplanes of Jasta 26 - 1918

Back in June of 2011 I did a post on the famed German ace Bruno Lorzer:, however I neglected posting any of the other Fokker Dr.I assigned to Jasta 26. The nagging problem has been and still is one of identifying the pilots who were flying them. So with many apologies, here are some of the profiles. If anyone knows anything about the pilots, please let me know. I would be eternally grateful and I will sing your praises, online if not in the shower.

In all the examples shown here the upper wing surfaces are finished in the brownish streaked scheme used on the factory fuselage. The lower wing surfaces are painted in the standard pale blue (Methuen ~21/22A2). The wheel covers are painted in the standard factory finish.The use of the Maltese cross indicates the aircraft were in service in after the order to replace the Iron cross in the spring of 1918.

Here we see the black and white striping painted over the basic factory streaked scheme. The black trefoil was a personal marking. The Maltese cross is thinner than the other examples.

Here we see a another different stripe pattern. The cockpit section is not over-painted, however there is a white and black stripe just behind the brown painted cowling. The Maltese cross is thicker than the first example.

This example has black and white stripes which start just forwrd of the cockpit. The cowling is painted black.

The final example has a series of vertically stacked whte stripes just forward of the typical black and white stripes.


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