Sunday, February 12, 2012

Germany - 1916-1918 Assorted Aircraft

Some New German Profiles

I woke this weekend with a cold. Needless to say it has slowed me down a bit. I took a break from working on interwar aircraft to work up a few new German WWI profiles.

The candy cane paint scheme made this Albatros a must do profile.The upper wing surfaces and both sides of the tail plane are painted in white and red stripes running forward to aft. This was one of the German Jastas sent to bolster Austrian operations against Italy. The three Jastas were № 1, № 31, and № 39.

This is another controversial profile. Some sources claim the nose section is bare metal, others claim it was a dark blue. The lozenge colors I used are probably inaccurate. I expect to do a new version once my new master files are completed.

I have seen sources for this Junker CL.I and liked the atypical mustard and green paint scheme. The sources I have found show a different landing gear strut arraignment for this aircraft.

This is a highly conjectural profile based on elements seen in other sources. It depicts one of the approximately finished Zeppelin Lindau Do-I reputed to be hidden by Germany after the Armistice.


kingsleypark said...

That candy cane paint scheme is absolutely fabulous!

It would be a bit of a nightmare to paint on a model but it would be a stunning model if done properly. Not sure if I am brave enough!

Unknown said...

Thanks kp, there are two ways to make the paint job easy. 1 use a painter's tape and wind it around the fuselage and spray red on a white undercoat. 2 get some red deal sheet and cut uniform strips an apply to the fuselage drawing it tight and working out any bubbles and when done snug it down with a good decal setting fluid.

That was how I did the profile, I created a decal and then changed the blend type to multiply which combines the shading with the color. Then I go to the body layer and select the fuselage shape as a template to trim the stripes,choose the stripe layer, hit delete and presto candy cane with wings.