Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Fokker D.VII-E.V Project 2013

Things have been crazy around the studio and I have not had time to post. I've got the collection of Fokker Dr.I, started a series of Fokker D,VI and D,II, I took a short break to update all my Fokker D,VIII and E.V. The old drawings were bothering me and I've had a few planes I have not done before. Today I wanted to post the Fokker E.V which served with Jasta 6. Next post will be E.V. which served in MFJ-II.

Winner of the April 1918 fighter competition, the Fokker D.VIII monoplane was delayed by production problems. Only thirty six of them entered service during the last weeks of the war. Equipped with an underpowered engine, the D.VIII was nevertheless an excellent fighter eagerly received by the German air service. Dubbed the “Flying Razor” by Allied pilots, it had the distinction of scoring the last aerial victory of the war.


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Unlucky General said...

Welcome back to Blogging. Good to see more of your fabulous work.

Unknown said...

I've been stretched pretty thin. I hope to be a bit more regular posting what I've been up to after the New Year. Most of my free time has been in an update on my Fokker profiles. Have a great holiday season.

Gary C. Warne said...

Love the Fokker parasols. Revolution was sweeping the German heartland, but what might have happened if the German Army Air Service and Marine Jastas had refused Foch's hard terms at Compiegne?

Unknown said...

The German Army Air Service and Marine Jastas were facing logistical collapse. Fighting may not have been an option. Go on the move, keep units together. Poland and other nations fighting the Soviets, who knows... Fokker made his escape with a number of airframes which were not post-war constructions.

The Armistice of 1918 was punitive and ill conceived. It contained the start of a technological time-bomb and an open invitation for another global war.