Sunday, May 8, 2011

France - 1916 Caudron G.6

Caudron G.6 Reconnaissance Aircraft

Caudron G.6 - 1916

The example above is a conjectural paint scheme based on a best guess. I took the standard French camouflage scheme and skinned the aircraft with it. The example below is a basic varnished cloth scheme which is fairly accurate, but not as visually interesting.

The only feature distinguishing the Caudron G.6 from the G.4 was the former's conventional fuselage, which replaced the latter's apparently inadequate twin lattice booms for supporting the tailplane.

The Caudron G.6 was a French reconnaissance aircraft of World War I. It married the wings and engine layout of the unorthodox Caudron G.4 to an all-new fuselage of conventional design. Over 500 of these aircraft were used by the French military for reconnaissance and artillery-spotting duties in 1917 and 1918.

The first prototype flew in July 1916. A total of 512 aircraft were built.


The Angry Lurker said...

Great illustration, really nice work.

W. I. Boucher said...

Thanks Fran, It was a fun plane to work up. When you start with a line drawing seeing it come together is very satisfying. I don't have the space for model making and painting anymore so this is the next best thing for me.