Thursday, May 12, 2011

France - 1917 Breguet Br.14B2

The Best French Bomber in WWI

Breguet Br.14B2 - 1917
Breguet Br.14B2 no.1168 - 1917

The Breguet Br.14 was produced in large numbers and served in many country's air corps. The design enjoyed great success all along the Western Front. The examples shown here served in French service. There are many examples which used the standard French multi-color paint scheme, but I posted these because I liked the look of them. I'll post more camouflaged examples later.

Used throughout the war, the innovative Breguet Br.14 was a highly successful biplane used by the French, Belgian and American air services. Designed by Louis Breguet in 1916, it was one of the first aircraft constructed with duralumin in the airframe.

Rugged and versatile, it was mass produced in several variations, including a seaplane model. Before the end of the war, the Br.14 saw service as a reconnaissance aircraft, a day/night bomber and an air ambulance. This was one of the best bombers the French used. It was produced up until 1926.


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