Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Albatros Project part 8

Another Weekend Color Fest

The weekend has come and I am feeling bright and shiny, so here is a few colorful Albatros D.V aircraft to brighten the day. Slowly but surely I am working my way though my to do list of Albatros fighters. I am finally getting things organized and working my through every Jasta I can. My profile count is almost 800 at the moment I am not sure who high that number will go before I run out of examples to work from.

The Albatros D.V flown in the Prussian Jasta 3 had an atypical paint scheme for the model. The wings are mauve and green and the crosses are the old style Iron Cross type. The black M was the pilot's personal mark and not a unit designator.

This Albatros D.V served in Jasta 10 and piloted by Oblt. Ernest von Altaus. The all yellow scheme is typical for this Jasta. The wings are painted the standard scheme of mauve and green upper surfaces with pale blue underneath. It has the Iron Cross which date it to before the spring of 1918. The fuselage sports yellow circles and black bordered in white markings.

The Albatros D.Va flown by Vzfw. Kurt Jensch while serving in Jasta 61. The forward gray areas were more greenish in hue and the varnished wood fuselage markings consisted of a black and white five pointed star which works to give it a three dimensional effect, and a black stripe. The reworking of the national crosses into the Maltese cross scheme places this example to a time after April of 1918. The white rudder with the extended cross is an unusual touch. The wings and tail plane are done in mauve and green top, pale blue bottom scheme. The wing crosses would be the new type Maltese cross type too.

This Albatros D.Va served in the Bavarian Jasta 77b. The pilot was Oblt. Ernest von Altaus. The basic scheme is the standard varnished fuselage and green mauve and pale blue wing surfaces. The empanage or rear section around the tail section is the standard blue scheme used by the Jasta. The black pilot identification mark is two black weasels or ferrets pointed forward. Once again we see the old style Iron Cross markings. There is some contention whether the tail plane is a darker blue that the rest of the painted surfaces.

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