Friday, August 26, 2011

Russia - 1916 Mosca MB 2bis

Russia's Folding Fighter

Mosca MB 2bis - 1916
Mosca MB 2bis - 1916

The Mosca MB 2bis is a smaller version of MB. It was fitted with a more powerful engine, and armed with single machine gun. One feature of the MB bis 2 was a folding wing that functioned in the same way as on its predecessor. The Mosca MB 2bis performed well in combat, despite the fact it was not equipped with synchronizer gear. On some Mosca MB-bis the gun was installed to fire above propeller arc.On other variants the propeller blades were protected by bullet-reflectors similar to the ones used on the Morane Saulnier N.

The success of MB-bis helped F.E.Mosca to obtain 50k rubles subsidy. The aircraft was in production for more than two years and 50 planes were built until 1918. A small number of Mosca MB 2bis were built after the Russian Revolution.

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