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Belgium Italy - 1916 Hanriot HD-1

Belgian and Italian Hanriot HD-1

I made a new master file for the Hanriot HD-1 this week. While I had it opened I decided it was time to work up some new profiles. I had previously posted on the Hanriot HD-1 in Italy - 1916 Hanriot HD.1 and again in Painted Warbirds 1915-1918. Those examples were done using my old and now lost master file. I have reference for round 25 more Hanriot so more to come soon. Since the aircraft was mainly used by Belgium and Italy it gives me an opportunity to fill the ranks of their gallery pages.

This aircraft type was first designed in France. The French considered it to be inferior to the newly designed SPAD VII and exported the aircraft to countries including Belgium and Italy. Both of those nations loved the design and had great success flying them in combat. Due to occupation by German forces Belgium had to rely on French manufactures to provide their needs. Italy was so impressed they sought a license for Macchi to produce this fighter in large quantities. The design was much loved by Italian pilots who preferred the agile HD-1 over the fighters produced by SPAD.

This example was one of many aircraft types flown by the famed Belgian pilot Willy Coppens. The basic scheme is a French five color camouflage pattern.The white thistle flower is the insignia of the 1st Escadrille de Chasse. The green and white decorative markings on the cowling, rudder and wheel covers make the aircraft a fun project to do.

This aircraft is painted in the five color French camouflage pattern.The white stylized oragami bird on the fuselage is the insignia of the 11th Escadrille de Chasse. The markings for aircraft and serial number are white on the black, yellow and red rudder.

The Italian aircraft company Macchi was licensed to produce their own version of the Hanriot HD-1. This example has a bare metal forward section and the rear section is finished in yellow varnish. The scheme featured black stripes and a circular black insignia with a question mark in white. Italy was not consistent in how their roundels were painted. In this example it is painted (outer to inner circle) green, white red.

The paint scheme on this Macchi built HD-1 consists of a green and brown two color scheme painted over with white stripes. In this example the roundel is painted (outer to inner circle) red, white green. The identification markings on the rudder are absent.

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