Thursday, October 6, 2011

France - 1917 SPAD S-XIII part 2

Life as a Busy Bee

Once again I am on a roll. Today I have been busy working on SPAD profiles. I finished 6 profiles and have been working on drawing up insignias and ID numbers for the next batch in the works. During breaks from drawing I have been fleshing out new sections and tweaking navigation on my site. I wish I had a clone or two but they would be just as stubborn as I am so ordering them around would be like herding cats.

This is another new profile of a SPAD flown by the famed balloon buster Second Ltn. Frank Luke Jr. The eagle insignia was used by the 27th Aero Squadron. The side access panel is removed. The camouflage is another variation of the basic five color scheme.

This is the new profile of the SPAD X.III flown by Captain Eddie Richenbacker. The white circles are patched bullet holes. Prominent is the hat and ring insignia of the 94 Aero Squadron which was one of the original American units serving in France. It would become part of the 1st pursuit Group.

This SPAD was flown by Robert Soubrian 103rd Fighter Squadron AEFC USAS. It is painted in a five color paint job and bears a variant of the Lafayette Escadrille SPA 124 insignia featuring an Indian wearing an ornate head dress which was adopted as the 103rd's unit marking. The red white and blue diagonal stripe bears the colors shard by the French, Americans and the British allies. The rudder has many markings including one which reads SPAD Hispano-Suiza.


The Angry Lurker said...

The paintjobs are amazing.

Unknown said...

I agree Fran, so many variations and insignias makes them a fun subject to render.

Unlucky General said...

Some of your best work yet, Truly beautiful.

Unknown said...

Thanks mate. Hopefully they will keep getting better. Next on the to do list is more SPAD VII. I have almost completed my master file and references for them.