Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashy Friday Strikes Again!

More Colorful German Aircraft

Here is another splash of color to brighten the day. These are a few of my new crop of profiles selected for their colorful paint schemes. After a few days of British drab and khaki it was time to punch it up.

I liked the pale blue and yellow scheme of this D.III. I like the odd colored patchy area on the tail fin. It appears that damage had been repaired and quickly repainted. .

This Fokker D.VII has always appealed to me. It seemed a bit daunting and I waited till I felt more confident about ding it justice.

This Pfalz in this profile has a variant tail fin which differs quite a bit from most examples I have seen. All the D.XIIs with this type tail fin I have seen served in Jasta 77b, though I assume they served elsewhere.


Jon said...

They all look great. The Pfalz looks sharp. Was the change to the tail to increase stability?

The Angry Lurker said...

They're really good, the colour on the Pfalz is outrageous.

W. I. Boucher said...


@Jon, Thanks for the question. This post is a great cautionary tale on the risks of blogging when you should be sleeping.
I admit to a serious brain-fart.

The tail fin in question was the original design, not an improvement. The first 200 Pfalz D.XII had the angular tail fin. The elliptical tail was the improvement, and was used on the last 600(=/-) aircraft.