Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Austria - 1917 New Profiles

Recent Profile Update

I have been concentrating on Austria at the moment. Here are just a few of the current crop of profiles. I hope you enjoy them.

This Oeffag D.III has the propeller spinner removed and no engine cover. The natural wood finish covers most of the fuselage. The turtle-deck and rudder and tail plane upper surfaces is a brown mottled scheme. The black and white stripes with angular points on the top edge makes for a memorable appearance.

This is another example of the Austrian hexagonal camouflage pattern. The engine compartment is bare metal. The white stripe on the fuselage with black stars is a nice touch. The lower wings are varnished cloth.

This example of a Phönix D-I sports a bright mottled paint scheme and distinctive skull and cross bone insignia. The iron cross wheel covers add visual interest. Note the head rest on this version.

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