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Germany - 1916 Aviatik D.II

Aviatik AG Experimental Fighter

Automobil und Aviatik AG made their reputation designing and building effective two seat reconnaissance aircraft. Experiments on building single seat fighters began in 1916, which yielded mixed results. Unlike the fighter aircraft produced in Austria by Aviatik-Berg (Österreichische-Ungarische Flugzeugfabrik), the German Aviatik designs never went beyond the experimental stage and entered production.

It was a fun project involving an interesting and rarely drawn aircraft. Since I have only seen black and white photos and line drawings of the aircraft the colors are conjectural. Now I can get on completing a drawing of the Aviatik D.III for future display.

The Automobil und Aviatik AG of Leipzig-Heiterblick licence-built the Halberstadt D.II as the Aviatik D.I - later known as the Halberstadt D.II(Av)in late 1916. The experience helped in developing and building first original Aviatik single-seat fighter design, designated as the D.II . The D.II was an orthodox staggered single-bay biplane with wood and fabric-covered wings. The airframe construction featured a steel tube forward section covered in a metal skin. The aft fuselage was largely skinned in plywood.

Power was generated by the 160hp Daimler D III six-cylinder water-cooled engine. The armament consisted of the standard twin forward-firing synchronized 0.312 in (7.92 mm) LMG 08/15 "Spandau" machine guns firing through the air-screw disc.

Construction of the prototype and the initial test flight took place in 1916. Unfortunately the results were not very promising when compared with other competing designs. The D.II fighter did not find favor with the Idflieg. It was not accepted for production, and further development of the design was discontinued, only the one prototype was built.


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