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Austria - 1918 Aviatik-Berg 30.27 and 30.29

Innovative But Not Effective

Once again I am back on fleshing out the aircraft built by Österreichische-Ungarische Flugzeugfabrik. Today's post fills in the gap between earlier designs and the 30.40 monoplane which was built in the last days of the Great War.

This Avitik is prototype 30.27 This is the same type aircraft which was used as a basis for the type 30.40 monoplane. Note the colors are conjectural. I have not found a written description of this plane. My intention was to use the least outrageous color scheme possible.

When the Aviatik-Berg type 30.27 and 30.29 appeared early in 1918 it marked a radical change in design philosophy for Julius von Berg. The design was a lighter weight aircraft with a compact profile featuring a rounded cowling and forward fuselage. Although it was not successful it pointed toward more the form which would lead to future designs.

The design of both types was wooden construction with plywood fuselage skinning. The forward section of the aircraft was covered by light metal panels, and fabric-covered wings rounded out the design. Both the Aviatik 30.27 and 30.29 were fitted with the standard Austrian armament of twin synchronized fixed forward-firing 0.315 in (8 mm) Schwarzlose machine guns.

Previously all of the single-seat fighters designed by Julius von Berg were fitted with Austro-Daimler inline engines.The Aviatik 30.27 and the similar 30.29, marked a departure from earlier designs. In an attempt to produce a lighter weight fighter both designs were powered by the Steyr Le Rhone 11 cylinder air cooled rotary engine producing a power rating of 160 hp (119 kW). The 30.27 and 30.29 were both initially flown with two-bladed propellers. The original engine cowling left the lowest three cylinders exposed. Later versions of both types were fitted with a four-bladed Jaray propeller and a full ring cowling.

Both prototypes participated in the D-Contest held in July of 1918. Unfortunately the 30.29 crashed when the leading-edge of the wing upper collapsed as its pilot initiated a loop. The project was canceled and the remaining airframe became the basis of the type 30.40 monoplane.


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