Friday, April 22, 2011

Germany - 1917 Three Pfalz D.III

Flashy Friday

My how time flys... It is another rainy Friday and I think it is time for a little color to cheer me up. Since I have already written about the Pfalz D.III on an earlier post I will skip repeating it.

I know this particular plane gets drawn often, however it was still fun to do. Voss flew many different airplanes ranging from the Albatros D.III to the Fokker Triplane in which he was killed during a legendary dogfight..

I always liked the man in the moon personal insignia on this D.III. It was fun to draw. This example was flown by two different pilots including Walther F. Kleffel.

The winged sword has become an iconic insignia. This was the personal insignia for Rudolf Berthold who also flew a Fokker D.VII.


Paul´s Bods said...

I´ve got this plane in my easy looking build but so far, for whatever reason I haven´t got round to doing it yet.
I like the Verner Voss colour scheme

Unknown said...

Very cool Paul, I always liked the looks of the Pfalz D.III. Is your kit the Encore Models or Roden kit. The Roden has the more accurate paint guide.