Saturday, April 30, 2011

Germany - 1918 Aviatik D.VII

German Experimental Aircraft 1918 Aviatik D.VII

German aircraft experimentation reached a fever pitch in the final years of the war. Many of the designs never went beyond the prototype stage of development. I was looking through my unfinished profiles and found this plane waiting for me and figured it was time to complete the drawing.

The D.VII, which was intended to participate in the third D-type Contest of October 1918, was essentially similar to the D.VI apart from having completely redesigned vertical and horizontal tail surfaces. Like its predecessor it was powered by a geared Benz Bz Illbm eight-cylinder Vee engine driving a four-bladed propeller. Armament comprised the standard twin 7.92mm synchronized machine guns, and only one prototype was completed.

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