Sunday, December 4, 2011

France - 1917 Salmson 2a

Three French Salmson 2a

Late in the war many French Escadrille were supplied with the excellent Salmson SAL 2a. Today I am posting samples of some of the more successful units. I am working on more examples and will follow up with updates soon.

This is a very well known SAL.2a which flew in the 1st Escadrille. The insignia is a blue snail. I have no information on the crew or serial number. I used a drawing by Bob Pearson as the primary source for the marking information.

I began research on this aircraft with photo and details I found at This Escadrille used an elephant as their insignia. Different flights carried black, white, or the most definitive version which was a charging elephant with a green cover with gold trim. This is the insignia I used on this profile.

I used Bob Pearson's color profile and photos from as references for this profile. The 32th Escadrille used a seagull in flight or on a naval life preserver as their insignia.

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