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Germany - 1916 LFG Roland C.II pt.2

Early C Class Aircraft and Kagohl Units

The Kagohl (Kampfgeschwader der Obersten Heersleitung) were aerial units which operated under the Commander of the German Armies. The organization consisted to a Headquarters Staff and six Kampfstaffeln, each consisting of six C Class aircraft. They had their own ground transport and used the German railway system for rapid deployment. Their original concept, was strategic bombing of England. The flaw in the plan was C class aircraft lacked the operational range to bomb England. Instead of performing strategic bombing missions; they operated as tactical bomber units. During the battle of Verdun, They patrolled the front attempting to prevent French bomber operations against the German front. Some Kagohls also served on the Eastern front.

Kagohl 2 consisted of Kampfstaffeln(Kasta) Nr.7-12. Kasta Nr.8 was founded on December 20, 1915. The Kasta flew LFG Roland C.II, and one of the unit's claim to fame is Manfred von Richthofen served with them early in his career.

Three Roland LFG From Kagohl 2/Kasta 8

LFG Roland C.II Mont-Morville Aerodrome - 1916

This example shows some of the features of the early LFG C.II. Of note is the lack of a forward mounted gun and the round roll cage. The finish is called sky. The actual color could vary from pale blue to light gray or off-white.

This example is one of the first aircraft that von Richthofen flew in combat. He flew this LFG Roland while serving with Kasta 8 on the Eastern Front.

The finish on this example is lighter. Besides the vertical bands the finish and structure of the aircraft is the same as the previous profiles.

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