Friday, December 2, 2011

Germany - 1916 Halberstadt CL.II part 2

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Recently I have been working outdoors in the elements. During the holiday season I end up sleep deprived and a bit fuzzy around the edges. When I get home I mainly work on finishing new master files for a new push after the new year. It has been consolidation time for me, however it is needed to avoiding wasting time and energy with changing things piecemeal instead of building the structure in a logical modular manner. The past few days I have been busy preparing for things to come. One project is working up all of Manfred von Richtofen's aircraft, I have found several lists of his planes which will give me an outline to follow. This will include the two seat aircraft he served as the gunner/observer in. I have finished a couple of the profiles for this, including a LFG Roland C.II from Staffel 8, KAGOHL 2. I will post some of them soon. Today I am posting some of the new Halberstadt CL.II profiles I have done.

This example served in Schlasta 23b during 1916. The aircraft is finished in two different camouflage schemes. The fuselage is painted with a speckled pattern and other surfaces are finished in a five color lozenge pattern.

This example has an unusual scheme. The red and white flame pattern over the speckled fuselage makes it easy to identify. All the lozenge is a five color scheme. It was a fun profile to do.

This pair of CL.II were assigned to Schlasta 23b are both painted in nearly identical schemes. Both have a female in white on the rear section of the fuselage. Nr. 2 bears the name “Brünhilde” and Nr. 5 bears the name “Thea” Both have white numbers mid-plane, a white chevron which is the Schlasta identifier. The red stripe bordered in white I am not sure what its significance is.

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