Monday, June 27, 2011

Project Albatros Part 5

More New Albatros D.V - D.Va Profiles

I have been on a roll again. Over the weekend I have completed over a dozen Albatros and Pfalz profiles of different types. There seems to be a never ending stream of new research material I have found to use as ideas for more profiles. I have begun working on developing a series of e-books for use on Amazon's Kindle, so all my research time should prove helpful. More news on this later.

I do like this profile. it uses a variation on the basic "Giraffe" camouflage pattern over most of the body with a red stripe. It is fun to show other camouflage paterns other than lozanges. I am not sure if the pattern carries over to the upper wing surfaces, or if they were painted the same muted pale green used on the tail planes,engine compartment, struts, and wheel covers.

This Albatros sports the distinctive red and blue of Jasta 15. The insignia is another version of the shooting star or comet theme used by many aviators on both side of the war. I was looking over an early drawing by Bob Pearson of this plane and his notes said there is speculation that the underside of the fuselage was painted pale sky blue matching the underside of the wings. If anyone finds enough evidence let me know so I can correct my version.

Yet another comet insignia (hmmm I should do a post on that topic). The striped forward fuselage section and black empanage over the varnished plywood finish made this profile interesting to do.


The Angry Lurker said...

The patterns are beautiful especially the first one.

W. I. Boucher said...

Thanks, the first one was my favorite too.

Jon said...

I vote for the last one. Very sharp looking.