Thursday, April 14, 2011

Britain - 1915 AIRCO D.H.2


Airco D.H.2 - 1915
Airco D.H.2 - 1915

Today was one of those days where a string of events come together in unforeseen ways. I had been working on the profile of an AIRCO de Havilland D.H.2 for today's post when I received an email concerning the same aircraft I was drawing. It felt like being in the groove.

The D.H.2 biplane was Geoffrey de Havilland's second design for the Aircraft Manufacturing Company. This highly successful pusher had good maneuverability with an excellent rate of climb. Mounting the engine to the rear of the fuselage permitted the use of a fixed, forward-firing machine gun before the advent of the synchronous machine gun.

Superior to the Fokker E.III, the D.H.2 helped end the "Fokker Scourge." Well past its prime and almost two years after its introduction, some squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps were still equipped with D.H.2s.


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Paul´s Bods said...

One of my favourite english WWI planes. I built the revell 1/72nd version of this...the rigging nearly gave me a nervous breakdown :-D

W. I. Boucher said...

Yes I remember your post on building the DH.2, I enjoyed it.I I've always had a soft spot for the DH.2. Especially when playing early war dogfights. My only complaint is the emergency reconstruction of boom damage. I replaced the fragile plastic booms with metal tubing in short order. When building 1/72 scale for war gaming, the operational phrase was sod the rigging, let's shoot something.

Hopefully I will be doing a high resolution for a for a print run. I need for the dust to settle before I can say more.