Monday, April 4, 2011

Russia - 1916 Anadwa VKh

Having Another Go at an Odd Duck

Anadwa VKh - 1916
Anadwa VKh - 1916

Sometimes you look at an old profile and you know it just will not do. This was the case when I decided to redraw one of my early profiles of an old rare aircraft. Unfortunately I only had a couple photographs of marginal quality and a line drawing that left much to be desired. Documentation of this plane is minimal and difficult to find. The new profile is a best guess until I can find more solid information.

The construction of the Anadwa VKh used two Anatra D fuselages, joined by a new wing that was still using elements of the Anatra wing. The left fuselage was occupied by the pilot, and the right by an observer. The aircraft's gunner was located in a nacelle attached to the center of the upper wing providing an excellent defense capability. Early models were powered by a pair of 100hp Gnome-Monosoupape engines. Test flights started on July 9, 1916. The tests results were very favorable, but aircraft did not go into production. The reason for this might have been due to its weird design.


The Angry Lurker said...

It is a weird design and shape but very well drawn.

W. I. Boucher said...

Thanks, yes it is weird, which is what made me draw it. Many Russian aircraft design firms had to find innovative ways of producing purpose built aircraft using whatever was at hand. The British also produced several aircraft with gunner nacelles such as the Sopwith L.R.T.Tr and the Vickers F.B.11. The concept of using a top mounted gunner's perch proved to be too dangerous. Take offs and landings must have been a white knuckle affair.