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USA - 1918 Loening M-8

An Example of American Aviation Development

Loening M-8
Loening M-8

The Leoning M-8 was another example of what may have entered the war in 1919. It is an unusual combination of a two seat fighter and a monoplane airframe. My start point for the profile was a line drawing photos, and colored illustration for a model kit.

The Leoning M-8 was an American monoplane fighter designed by Grover Loening and built by his Loening Aeronautical Engineering Company in 1918. The test flight convinced the United States Army Air Corps to order 5000 aircraft. However, the contract was canceled when the First World War ended.

The first design by Grover Loening after he had formed his company was a two-seat braced-wing monoplane fighter the M-8. It had a fixed tail skid landing gear and was powered by a nose-mounted Hispano-Suiza engine with a tractor propeller. The pilot and gunner had tandem open cockpits.


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