Friday, April 1, 2011

Germany - 1918 Albatros D XII

German Experimental Aircraft

Albatros D.XII - 1918
Albatros D XII - 1918

Keeping in the natural wood Albatros theme I'm posting another rare bird I've recently finished. This profile from another photograph I found while obsessively researching the topic of Albatros experimental aircraft. The photograph had more visible detail than the last one I posted, allowing me to have a bit more confidence in the accuracy of the drawing.

The last Albatros fighter of World War I actually completed and flown, the D.XII featured the slab-sided plywood- covered fuselage introduced by the D.X, and the first of two prototypes was flown in March 1918 with a 180 hp Daimler D IlIa engine. The second prototype, fitted with a Bohme undercarriage embodying compressed- air shock absorbers, and unbalanced ailerons of inverse taper in place of the balanced parallel-chord ailerons of the first prototype, followed in April 1918, and was later fitted with a 185 hp BMW IlIa engine for participation in the third D-type contest of October.


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