Saturday, April 2, 2011

Germany - 1915 AGO C.II

A lovely Reconnaissance Aircraft

AGO C.II - 1915
AGO C.II - 1915

When I first saw the AGO C.II it was love at first sight. I caught myself muttering "Some day you will be mine... oh yeah" It was sleek, unconventional and was a good flier. There was a lot of source material to use for the project. The profile was the second one I drew, the next attempt will be better.

The AGO C.II was a German reconnaissance biplane designed by A. Haefeli that entered service in 1915 during the early years of World War I. It was essentially a slightly redesigned version of Aerowerke Gustav Otto Flugzeugwerke's C.I design with a more powerful 220 horsepower Benz VI 6-cylinder liquid-cooled inline engine. The distinctive twin boom construction was a radical design for its time, but would reemerge in World War 2 on several highly successful aircraft. The C.II only served in the German air force for about one year before being replaced by more conventional and modernized tractor aircraft. In spite of this fact many considered the C.II as one of the best reconnaissance aircraft of the First World War.


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