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Russia - 1916 Grigorovich M-9

Flying Russian Amphibians

Grigorovich M-9 - 1916
Grigorovich M-9 - 1916

I have a soft spot for flying boats. Even the when the design seemed a bit outlandish they still possess a fluid graceful shape that is pleasing. Russian boats are well documented and many photos, blueprints and colored drawings exist. It makes my life easier when here is such a wealth of source material to draw from.

The Grigorovich M-9 (alternative designation ShCh M-9, sometimes also Shchetinin M-9) was a Russian World War I-era biplane flying boat, developed from the M-5 by Dmitry Pavlovich Grigorovich.

M-9 was a very successful flying boat, similar to the M-5. It was reliable, was operational on waves over half a meter high, and had above average handling characteristics. The M-9 could be craned to and from the water and ship. The M-9 was also capable of landing on snow without special skis.


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