Sunday, April 17, 2011

France - 1916 Nieuport 17

A Nimble Answer to the Albatros Threat

Nieuport 17 1916
French Nieuport 17 1916

Most examples of Charles Nungesser show his silver Ni-17 serial number N1895. There are several of another Nieuport-17 which he had piloted serial number N1490. The plane is depicted in a brown and green camouflage pattern and cone de penetration mounted forward of the prop.

British Nieuport 17 - 1916
British Nieuport 17 - 1916

The British also flew the Nieuport-17. This example is painted in standard British colors. This plane also sports a red cone de penetration mounted forward of the prop. This was not used on many Nieuports.

Estonian Nieuport 17 - DUK - 1917
Estonian Nieuport 17 - DUK - 1917

The Estonian Air Force used this Russian Nieuport 17 which was built by DUKS.

Many of the French and British aces began their careers flying the Nieuport 17. The highly maneuverable "Superbébé" was a larger, improved version of the Nieuport 11. Like its predecessor, it was initially equipped with a Lewis gun but was upgraded to a synchronized Vickers machine gun. Helping end Germany's domination of the air war, the Nieuport 17 easily out-climbed and outperformed the Fokker E.III. The superior design was so successful that German high command ordered it copied.


Unlucky General said...

Lovely work - truly influential. Every time I look to my Blog dashboard I see another of your graphics and think about trying to replicate it in 3D. It's as well for me that half the time models don't exist for my scale. Keep going.

W. I. Boucher said...

Thanks, I am just sharing my obsession. From what I have read on your blog and the techniques you use. There is always the option of scratch-building the bird of your dreams.

Build on and watch your six!