Friday, April 1, 2011

Germany - 1918 Albatros D X

German Experimental Aircraft

Albatros D.X - 1918
Albatros D X - 1918

After the last posts about the weird side of aircraft design I thought I should share something a little more airworthy. This profile started as a photograph I had found while researching the topic of German Experimental aircraft in general, and the Albatros X-Planes in particular. The grainy high contrast photo left some details to the imagination, however I think it is somewhat close to the mark.

The Albatros D.X was a German prototype single-seat fighter biplane developed in 1918 in parallel with the D.IX. It used the same slab-sided, flat-bottomed fuselage (a departure from previous Albatros designs) but was powered by a 195 hp (145 kW) Benz Bz.IIIbo water-cooled v-8 engine in place of the D.IX's Mercedes D.IIIa straight-six.


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